Back from Brooklyn where we made the shooting of next winter!

1 paul-et-nadine

For the first time, I organized the shooting of my catalogue out of France!

With Claudia imbert we have been in Paris, of course but also Provence, Normandy and the forest of fontainbleau.

For my new fall-winter 2016-17 I choose second city. It was a beautifull sunny day and immediatly I felt very good with Paul. Paul Westlake is a famous Australien photographer and he found this beautifull german girl: Nadine Stockenhofen. This is New-York! everybody come from somewhere else.

3-nadine-devant-le-pont-de-brooklyn 4 nadine-et-le-manteau-peuplier 5 la-team 6-the-view 7the-street combinaison