Opening new store in New York

Dear Friends Dear Customers,
On this, the first day of February, I have the pleasure of wishing you all a beautiful year in 2018 at the same time as giving you some news.
My little company is pursuing its development with serenity while continuing to manufacture exclusively in Europe.
We remain independent financially and in every way, and I’m continuing to work on my line without any influence from the general standardization around us.
Our brand is being exported to Japan and Switzerland as well as the USA, where…..we are about to open a second store, in New York on March 3rd!
The journey we have so far travelled is thanks to you!
We extend all our gratitude for your faithfulness, and we dearly hope to welcome you to the opening reception.
Nathalie, Chloé, Célia, Julia, Valérie, Véronique, Marine, Hélène
in France
Tara,Nicole and Michelle
in the USA